My Inbox Helper' malicious extension

I have tried to download MP3tag v2.94 but when I click on the download link in MP3tag it takes me to

When I click on the Start Now link it takes me to [Edit: removed link to third-party ad]

Googling "My Inbox Helper" takes me to a number of articles including one which describes this as malicious software.

I haven't installed it but would like to know when this problem is fixed as I can't download v2.94 until then.

I can't see any "Start Now" Link. Could you please show a printscreen?

If you download Mp3tag from:
there is no additional 3rd-party software or redirect to another website.

The link which stated "Start Now" in your case was most likely a malicious ad served by Google AdSense.

I've added lots of the bad advertisers to a blocking list, but it seems that it's impossible to keep it up to date.

See Mp3tag v2.94 for a direct download.