My (little) problems - cover arts & album

First of all, a lot ot thanx for this great program!
And I want to say that may english/american, is not good enough...

Well, I have a problem with my cover arts.
How to import a cover arts to tags, but you must consider that I have for one cover art in each separate folder. For example, I have folder "Punk" and in that folder I have many folders-albums like "PTTB - Soberphobia", "The Adicts - Viva La Revolution" etc... About thousands... And in every folder you have cover art for that album. My question is: is there any posible solution to import thousands cover arts for every separate folders?

I was looking here: Saving all cover art in a single separate folder
but I can not understand is that solution for me, because I don't (have) or I don't know how to use "Export cover to file" because when I go to "File" - "Export" I don't see anything like that. :frowning:

Oh, my second problem is... If you know that I have folders like "The Adicts - Viva La Revolution (1981)" how to import a album name (in this example that is "Viva La Revolution") to tags in songs of that folder (if you understand me, sorry)... You must consider that I have many folders and I want the solution with just a few steps (example: I really like "Convert" - "Filename to Tag" - %artist% - %title%" just click "OK" and that's all)...

Thanx to everyone!

  1. Go to Converter > Actions, click the new button to create a new action group and then use an action Import cover from file to import the existing cover art to your files' tags.

  2. Go to Converter > Filename - Tag and use %dummy% - %album% (%dummy%\%dummy% as format string.

Hil Florian!!! One problem was solved (import album name into tag) but I still have a problem with "Import COVERS from FILES"....
I was looking what you wrote me last time (when I go to "Converter" > "Actions"...)... I create a new button and create a new action group and then use an action Import cover from file... BUT what's the FORMAT STRING FOR IMAGE FILENAME???

I don't know that because I have this situation:
Ultimate folder (for example "Punk" - and many albums here):
and in every folder (in ultimate folder "Punk") I sort my covers like:

Thank you for your patience!!!

Try 01. Cover.jpg

Hah, YES! :slight_smile: That's the asnwer!!!! I was try with "01.Cover" but not "01.Cover.jpg".... Thanx DANO!!!