My string for adding album art won't work with some folders

This is the string I use to add my album art from my flac folder to my mp3 files:

F:\Flac\%artist% - (%year%) %album%\folder.jpg

The only problem is, any artist or album that has a / \ - or any other seperating or wierd key in it, it skips over it.

Can somebody revise my string so that it will do those folders also? Thanks a ton!!

That depends on your actually folder names and the content from the involved tag fields - does they match in all cases?
You can use the function $validate() to remove characters that won't fit within a filepath.
Have a look at your directory tree to see what folder names are actually used.
Another idea: If there is somewhere a space character in the filepath, then it may help to enclose the complete filepath into double quotes.
Do you know for sure whether all Mp3tag tag field placeholders and scripting functions will be supported from within the dialog "Import cover from file"?