Mystery album art appearing in tag

I have an album art image appearing on all songs of one of my albums that I have no idea where it came from, and I cannot delete it or replace it. This is driving me mad!

Image in MP3Tag:

Image when copied over to my Android phone:

Can anyone help me get this mystery "Billboard" image removed and replaced with the proper album cover?

Have you modified the cover after you have synchronized the files with your player for the first time?
What happens if you delete them from your player and add them again?
Also, it might help if you find out whether the player has a cache or gets data from the internet.

I am not sure what you mean by sychronizing the files with my Android music player. It should synchronize automatically when I open the music player after re-loading file(s). I have deleted the files, and reloaded, converted them from MP3 to M4A and from MP3 to WMA and reloaded on my phone to no avail. I have also cleared cache. What's really crazy is when I change an album cover on any other of my 2000+ albums, I see the changes immediately after reloading them on my phone. Thank you for your suggestions.

I am not sure what benefit all these conversions

should bring.
If it is just 1 album that behaves in that way - what happens if you change the data in ALBUM? Could it be that your player has a mind of his own and looks for information on the internet and shows that instead of the tag data?
So the idea would be to modify the data in ALBUM in such a way that the player will not find a match and be then forced to use the data from the tags.

And: if MP3tag shows everything the way it should be - all further questions about the player's functions would better be asked at the support forum of the player, I would think.

I was experimenting with the format conversions, as some of them remove certain tag data. For example WAV clears out many tag properties after conversion so I thought it was a way to reset the album art. At any rate.....

Your suggestion to change ALBUM worked! I don't know why, but I changed ALBUM from "Decade" to "abcd" and it brought over the correct album image when I reloaded. I think I am going to tweak the ALBUM name and then leave well enough alone. THANK YOU!.

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