Name Conflict Resolutions

I would greatly appreciated if mp3tag was updated with an auto rename feature so I don't get that annoying "this name already exists" popup a la Windows Explorer. I have several albums with songs who have identical names.

I made a simlilar suggestion 11 years ago and if I remember right this solution was implimented in Mp3Tag for some time.

At this time I had a lot of duplicates with uncomplete tags (only artist and title) which I wanted to keep so long till I had time to investigate the files closer and later decide which duplicate is the best.
I would not want this as a general solution because I want to be warned if there is a duplicate file in the folder.

Because I name my album-songs with the scheme $num(%track%,2) - %artist% - %title% there will never be the same filename in an album.

Here is a link to a thread with multiple contributions and attempts to solve the problem (and it is in English):

What it boils down to: it is up to the user to create a pattern that leads to unique filenames - which is more or less that what @poster recommended.

Thanks a lot! Hopefully I can come up with something to solve this problem.