Name for embedded images


embedded image support is kind of incomplete without being able to apply name. FLAC's got some standard names for embeded images, and I'm sure other tags have them, too. If not use FLAC's.

2.41b - NEW: type and description of cover art can now also be set via the Tag Sources dialog.

It might be useful to have a column for cover art data, with simple attributes like image type and dimensions. Would definitely make it easy to see which files don't have cover art!


You can use a custom column for that. There are three placeholders available:

%_covers% - count of cover art in the tag of the file
%_cover_mimetype% - mimetype of first cover art in the tag of the file
%_cover_size% - size of first cover art in the tag of the file in bytes

Info for more than one image isn't possible in a track based list such as Mp3tag is using. Or at least it would result in very long (and usually cut off) strings.

But for what you want to achieve (identifying files with album art) %_covers% will do.


Have you got a solution for this problem?
I'm using foobar200 for listening and managing my flacs and mp3s.
Foobar knows 4 different kinds of images (cover front, cover back, disc, icon).
It would be nice to embed them with mp3Tag. I'm using The Godfather for this, but I would prefer mp3Tag.



This is now possible with the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.41a.

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