Name my tracks xx/xx.

Hello, I would like to name(appoint) my tracks with size(format) xx/xx with one 0 at the beginning if he(it) or has not that a number without the button of the shortcut. Or for example: 01/02.

Find something useful there ...
Adding "totaltracks" tag en mass?
Tracknummer 3-stellig mit führenden Nullen


Hi your answer. This was my very useful. So I end up with code like this:

Actiontype: Format value
Field: TRACK
Format string: $num(%_counter%,2)'/'$num(%_total_files%,2)


Actiontype: Format value
Format string:%_total_files%

How then to reset the number of track for each file?

I have for example two different folder to rename, but instead rename the tracks as follows:

1234 ... (different folder) 1234 ...


123 ... (diferent folder) 456 ...

I wish it takes account of my different album or folder.

I do not know if I was clear?

I do not understand what you want to do as the next step.
Maybe you want to assemble a new filename, to get the new track numbers into the filename?

Apply an action "Format value" on the tag-field _FILENAME ...
or use the converter "Tag - Filename" ...

$num(%TRACK%,3)' - '%TITLE%


I for example several albums that are in different folders in my programe. I wish he could rename my tracks on and off each time by 1 for each album. So I sélelectionne the all regardless there are several album or not in my selection but that whenever there is a change in my track album is called 01 / on all tracks in the album:

Example: 01/07 then the other track 02/07


Example 01 /on all of my selection.

You want to reset the track counter for each folder?
This is what the interactive track number assistant can do already.

You want to mimic this behaviour by using an action?
Then read there ...
Tracknummern in Aktionen
That is a 2-step process, with detour and help of an export script.


Ok, thank you. I would like to include this: I would like if my track contains - as he jumped me and then passes to the next as if the previous track contained two.

Example: 01/05, 02/05, 03-04 / 05, 05/05

For the story, I sometimes merges two tracks together. So I called the track manuelment merged eg 03-04 / 05 but if I call overcoat with a shortcut, you can locate my track merged into two. Thank you.

The format with blanks between numbers or the slash is not a valid format for TRACK, i think, as TRACK has to be numeric.

As user 'ohrenkino' already said, ...
someone should avoid to abuse the tag-field TRACK as a free configurable text field.
There are other media files, having other tag type than ID3 or VORBIS COMMENT, ...
which may not allow to store other data types than numerical values into the tag-field TRACK or DISCNUMBER.
A text string like "03-04 / 05" can be stored into any user defined info tag-field.
This has something to do with 'self-discipline'.

I do not understand what you want to say, please describe it in other words.