name2, name1 can I auto-reverse

I've used MP3tag for a few years but have only now joined these forums.

I have many karaoke tracks, numbered in the 10's of thousands, where the author or a subsequent user has adopted their own way of naming the artist and song title.

Commonly they reverse the title and artist, but that's easily sorted using a couple of ID3 tag rename passes.

I've figured out ways, using a batch file renamer, of renaming all of those files where they have decided that Group Name, The - Song Title, so that it reads Group Name - Song Title.

Using the same program I've also managed to rename all of those song titles where - if a title begins with the word The or begins with the word A - they remove that word and add it as a suffix as a comma.

But those are the problems that I have solved, and there's one that I haven't solved.

The artist is presented in the format , with a comma separating the two - when I what I need is to have the format in the natural way .

What I have lots of is:

- - , -

and what I want is:

- - - song title

Please tell me that this problem has already been solved and point me to the solution.

kind regards, BJ

Are we going to fiddle with the filenames or should the field ARTIST be modified?

For the filename have a look at the function Convert>Filename-Filename
- - , -
would be:
Source %1 - %2, %3 - %4
Target: %1 - %3 %2 - %4