naming convention help

Hello everyone. I have a rather large music collection which i ripped years ago with EAC and lame. I used a naming convention that was loaded into EAC. Now I'm trying to download music and would like it to match my existing music format. I've tried to get the commands (%title%) to match what i have but can't figure it out. Please help, i've kicked the cat almost to death :slight_smile:. here's what my typical folder looks like.

Music Folder (all my music)
Rolling Stones folder (all Rolling Stone albums)

Tattoo You Folder (12 music tracks for album)

so what i'm trying to accomplish is when I add a folder to the rolling stones folder the naming convention looks like this

Rolling Stones- Rolling Stones - (1981) - Tattoo You (folder name)

Rolling Stones - Tattoo You - 01 - Start Me Up (name of song)

thanks for any advice, mick


see the FAQs on how to create folder structures based on tag fields: