Naming my folder from the album


I have all my albums tagged Year Album Extension (for example 2005 Deadwing FLAC) and would like to rename the folder containing the tracks to the same as the album name. I used the search function to try and find examples on the forum but I don't understand them and don't know how to implement them into my example, so sorry for the double or perhaps triple posting on the same subject. They also seem complicated for what I want (ie Folder=album tag).
Not sure if it's necessary to know, but just in case in the above example the tracks are located
F\Porcupine Tree\2005 Deadwing.

Thanks for reading

Mark one of the track-files in that folder.
Define an action:
Type: Format value
Format String: %album%

That seemed the logical choice, but I've tried it and it doesn't didn't work. And now it does! Computing at midnight musn't be my forte! Thanks for your help!