Naming of Tag Panel configuration controls

In the new version of the Mp3tag Options window, there is a button at the bottom that is labeled "Utils." I assume that's supposed to mean "Utilities" but even that name does not describe what it is there for. I suggest you make the button bigger and call it something like "Panel Configurations" or something else more meaningful to its function.

In addition, when creating/editing a particular item in the tag panel, it is possible to change the width of the window for the tag as it appears in the panel. However, the terms Small and Smaller are not only confusing (Smaller is actually larger than Small, which seems rather odd) but not nearly as useful as naming the sizes like this: Full Width, 1/2 Width, 1/3 Width, Multiline.

Dennis...aka "d2b"

Did you know: a button of this name can be found in the actions dialogue and the web sources dialogue since way back when?
So I found it pretty straightforward to give the new button the same name as the old buttons have, also for compatibility reasons.

No, I didn't know about the previous use of the button named Utils, but that really isn't a word in and of itself in any language of which I'm aware, and it has no definitive meaning. A more direct description of the button's function is what I learned as a proper way to label things. A little bit off-topic, but I find it amazing that the legends on my iPhone appear below the app's icon. Good engineering practice puts the icon above the button, certainly not below it where one's finger covers it up as he or she reaches to tap it.

As for posting in the wrong location, I apologize for that. I found (and still find) the new "forum" interface a bit confusing. I have been used to the older forum interface styles on so many other forums, including mp3tag's, since Day One, and that was a long time ago! :wink:

Dennis, aka "d2b"

P.S. I don't know where we'd be without mp3tag.exe. I think it's a true work of software art—not pretty in any artsy/craftsy way but both clever and powerful. On my next payday, I need to toss some more $$ over the pond. in your direction.

When designing the user interface, assume the intended user is new to the product. Therefore, within reason, button names and functions should be named in a way that makes their application obvious.

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Dennis ... aka "d2b"

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