Narrator feature of Windows 10 - cannot get rid of it completely [as it keeps turning on in Free Virtual Keyboard]

This discussion says it all

Conclusion: there are problems with turning off Narrator - and Microsoft does not care

The solution that was presented there did not work for me - because I [in spite of my user being the Administrator] could not grand the full access to the C:\Windows\System32\Narrator.exe. But I did eventually managed do get rid on that the EXE file from C:\Windows\System32 by the means of using Take Ownership hack [although I had during the deletion also to confirm to Windows that I want to grand administrative right for that operation]

But that also did not work; even after resetting the system. And so I went to FreeCommander, used its Search feature and found all files and folders that had ''narrator'' in it- and I repeated the step from above; this time resetting at once. After login in a made the search for ''narrator''- and found zero items. But that did not work

Because I still get the Narrator turn itself on when I use the non-installed version Free Virtual Keyboard and at the same time use the Magnifier feature of Windows - and press [RIGHT] ALT + Z in FVK

Yes, that is correct: all files were wiped from the system drive C - and yet this software is still somehow executable via third party software that is not even installed

I can switch the option available at

Settings > Easy of Access > Vision > Narrator > Use Narrator > Turn on Narrator

on & off - and the Narrator says nothing [which is a good sign]. And the

Settings > Easy of Access > Vision > Narrator > Use Narrator > Turn on Narrator > Open Narrator Home > Turn off Narrator

no longer opens another window with Narrator saying "hello" [which is even a better sign] - but FVK somehow is able to evoke Narrator and force it to speak once again

I did not had such problems on my previous Windows 10 machine or on Windows 7; using any software. I was not even aware about the existence of such Microsoft feature, as I have not used it [or at best was able without a sweat to turn it off once and simply forgot about its existance]. I tried using my older version of Free Virtual Keyboard [4.1 instead of 5.0] but it also turn the Narrator on. I went through options of FVK and found nothing about shortcuts. I search also on the Internet for list of Narrator shortcut- and found no reference to [any] ALT + Z. And as I mentioned, my Free Virtual Keyboard is not even installed on the system-I run it from from an EXE file

I also went prior to all of the above to Windows Services and looked on the list for Narrator or Microsoft Narrator to disable it - but did found it there

So, has anyone encountered something similar: an ability to still being able to run a Windows Ease Of Access feature after deleting all of its files; and a theoretically non existing keyboard shortcut?

And moreover: how to really get rid of or definitely block Narrator?


It seems hat immediate solution to

is to go to

Settings > Easy of Access > Magnifier > Reading > Choose a modifier key >

and choose for example Insert instead of the apparently default Control + Alt

And that was so logical, o check Magnifier options, as it was only during of the usage of also the Magnifier

But do you see the Matrix here? It was Control + Alt in options but in reality it was [RIGHT] ALT + Z. And it was working only when executed via Free Virtual Keyboard

But I am still curious: how is that even possible?

And I am afraid that the Narrator will now manifest itself somewhere else; and / or will come back after a Windows update