Native Linux Version Needed

I know that this has been discussed before and that using a VM or Wine is the "school solution" for using MP3TAG on Linux platforms, two options that I have decided not to use. In any event, I'd like to state my reasons for asking for a Linux version of MP3TAG.

  1. None of the GUI Linux offerings to tag MP3 files are as flexible and as elegant as MP3TAG is. If someone knows one that is I'd like to know about it.

  2. I have no desire to use the Linux command line to tag MP3 files.

  3. I am in the process of dumping Windows for Linux Mint. MP3TAG is a critical tool for me and will require me to maintain a Windows computer just to tag MP3 files. I've used MS Windows since Windows 3.0 and enough is enough!

Florian, I realize that you are a one man shop and that you have a family! Perhaps a working group could be formed to help out where you think it would be most effective.

Given the smaller Linux market, I would support a paid license model to ensure a revenue stream to justify your efforts.


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I'm running Devuan ( Debian w/o systemd ). I installed mp3tagv287a using PlayOnLinux. PLO uses WINE to emulate M$ windows. It runs fine - except that I can't access Discogs data.


Allow me to make a case for why a native Linux version is needed--and a suggestion on how to get it done.

I use Linux Mint exclusively. There is no Linux-based tag editor even close to as good as mp3tag. Mp3tag unfortunately does NOT run correctly in Linux Mint under WINE (trust me, I've tried multiple times over multiple years and multiple versions of both mp3tag and Mint). Therefore I'm forced to run Win7 in a virtual machine for the sole purpose of tagging mp3's. What a hassle.

I understand the time and effort it could take to create a native Linux version. I understand there's not much financial motivation to do so. My suggestion: Can we change that by creating a financial incentive? I suspect there may be enough interest that we could create a "Patreon" or "Fund Me" campaign to financially compensate your time and effort.

Please, if others feel strongly about this, let me know. I for one would be willing to make a moderate $$ donation to help this happen.

ps- Thanks for making such a great editor!

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There is a rather old thread in the German part that also deals with a Linux version:

Please note the part that says
"Linux version
all further requests for this feature will be ignored"

OK, that was in 2003. But perhaps this explains why there isn't one yet.
Along these lines: in the context of Linux the tag editor "puddletag" is mentioned ... perhaps that fills the gap until there is a change of mind in respect to the Linux version.

Thanks for your suggestion and the nice feedback. I still have no plans of developing a native version of Linux — however:

I'm keeping a close eye on Wine-compatibility, so I'm interested in what's not working there (except for file naming problems resulting from the underlying different properties of the used filesystem).

Hi @Florian
As far you released the native Mac version, any thoughts about porting it to Linux?
Mac a bit closer to Linux than Windows and maybe it will be simpler to create a port. I don't have a lot of experience with C++, but a lot with Python and Linux, so I can try to port your app to Debian based platforms.


yes, but as far as I remember mp3tag for mac was an full rewrite in xcode,
i'm not sure he used swift or c - so... it may be an specific implementation.

mp3tag ist closed source, so I don't think he will give someone sourcecode, even with nda.


PS: will be intereresting what florian will write