Navigating folders


I have my MP3 organised by album in a series of folders.

I am using MP3tag to do a folder-to-folder clean-up of my tags. I am doing this using the Amazon lookup button.

This works great! But I am sure there must be a better way to move from directory to directory.
I am using the £change directory" button to disply the directory list. The I have to click the + next to the root music folder (because mp3tag only displays the sub-folder I am working in) then I have the locate and select the folder I want, then hit OK.

Right now, changing directories takes more time than the lookup and rename, and is really slowing me down.

I also use "Tag and Rename" and this program lets me see the folder structure in a pane on the left. From here I can select the folder I want to work in. How can I get Mp3tag to display something similar?

As it is I am using this "change directory" button and it is taking a long time to get from folder to folder.

Can anyone illuminate?




You can, for example, use one explorer window and drag the next folder on the Mp3tag window.