Need a little help with a complex filename

field album is formatted like this:

Now That's What I Call Music! 01-106 (1983-2020) [FLAC]\Now That's What I Call Music! 01 [1983] [2018]\CD1\ (- (-

That needs to become

Album: Now That's What I Call Music! 001 (adding a zero because collection is at 106 albums, I like it all the same format, I know :slight_smile: )
Year: 1983

I can remove characters and filename/tag (but this is album tag), but I can't seem to get that year and adding that zero.

Ideally one action gets the year I guess and than we can properly format the album in another action

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I am a little puzzled: do you want to modify the filename or the metadata field ALBUM?
The filename is maintained by the OS, the field ALBUM is an embedded piece of metadata which probably can be modified by MP3tag.
You say that the album field is formatted in a particular way but it looks an awful lot like a partially qualified filename.
Then it looks to me like you want

but which one:

If you only want to modify the filename, see
If the string following the ! should get another zero (and it is string %2) then 0%2 would do it.