Need a script to rename LOG/CUE files?

As per topic, I'm looking for a script that renames .CUE and .LOG files using the tags from an album.

My music collection is so big it would take forever to manually rename these files.

I want to use the naming scheme: "00 - %album%.CUE" & "00 - %album%.LOG".

Does anyone have something that can do this?



If your cue and log-files are situated in separate album-folders that have the name of the album-tag you can

  1. Add *.cue and *.log to the list of restricted files in tools\options\tags

  2. Filter the listed files by enterng "%_extension% IS log OR %_extension% IS cue".

  3. Mark the now shown log and cue-files in the list-view.

  4. Use the converter "Tag-Filename" and as a format string enter %_directory%

Many thanks for this, great idea.

I guess there is a way of getting just the album info out of the directory, as I originally wanted to name them like so:

00 - %album%

But this method at least gives me something to work with, thanks again.

If the directoty is always named like this (5 characters before the album-name) you can take
as format string.