need an export developer, can pay some money...

i don't have the skills or the patience to realize my export vision, but i'll briefly describe it here and hopefully someone will think its cool and be willing to create it and i'd throw them some paypal cash.

essentially i want to create an exported list of my 45k audio files to put on webspace. i want the lefthand side to be the coverart (once/album, 200px, maintain aspect), and display underneath the art: albumartist [big], album, and year tags, as well as tag type. this lefthand side would be the default sort, by AA, but later be unsorted by the rightside attributes if they're clicked on.

the righthand side would be text of columns and go like this:

artist album track# title length rating year genre bitrate codec filepath comment

and each attribute would be sortable. ratings would be windows style, 0 to 5 stars.

black background, dark neon blue font, dark grey shading if needed.

please be prepared to make my adjustments, i am trying to realize my vision here, altho other versions and mine would all be to your credit and made freely available.

i'd also like to be able to have a header and footer.

any takers? thx!

I can adapt one of my existent configs, is this the design you want?

thx for the reply and the interest.

its very close, (and very good) and certainly we could have a set of similar designs with various configs. in some ways, i am trying to emulate winamps ML view.

in the baseline config i envision:

the AA should be a bit bigger then the album name fontwise. the year should show left of the tag type, (just use the year on the first or last track of any given album, whatever is easiest altho first available is preferred) and only the tag type used to generate the info should be displayed, (as opposed to all the tags in the file). the year and tag type should be a bit smaller than the album name fontwise.

the "sortable righthand side" would have these columns:

artist album track# title length rating year genre bitrate codec filepath comment

(i don't need size in the base config)

the names of these columns only need to be once every ten albums or so, or if that isn't possible just once at the top is ok, since really, the data will make it clear what column they are.

and its ok to have a horizontal slide bar. i kinda figured some of the columns on the far right would be offscreen. along with being able to sort each column, is it possible to be able to resize the columns in the browser window on the fly?

I can also help making export configuration...

Excuse me, I do not come in to code for you.
Two reasons:

  • I do not like the color design. It's sort of 30 years ago IBM terminal display colors, completely not ergonomically, not barrier free and rather bad for the eyes of the user. Personally I nearly never visit black pages on the net.
  • I do not have a Paypal account.

Good luck to find some coder for assembling your new screen saver. :sunglasses:


sweet, but do you mean to help Dano, or do something separately?

i am open to suggestions on this. what i describe above is just a baseline config, but differing and perhaps even better color schemes are welcome! i do think danos mockup is pretty cool looking tho, and not too hard on the eyes... i find a darker blue on black is ok, then say a white font on black which does leave "ghosting" on my eyes.

i just don't care for music lists like this to be on a white, or beige or some other lukewarm neutral background. but i fully support versions like that for people who do want it that way!

not sure how i could get you funds then, at least easily. i am in the USA.


Do you expect the artwork to disappear when sorting by most the columns on the right? That's how iTunes, for instance, handles it. Otherwise, any time the list of tracks is not sorted by album, you would be displaying a different cover for every line.

This requires a fair amount of JavaScript for changing the sort order. Even at that, the single giant HTML page is not something that anyone would post on a web site. The HTML page generated for a 45,000 track library is going to be enormous. Larger than any web page that you're likely to encounter on the web. It will take a very long time for a web server to serve and for anyone to be able to view it. Are planning on placing this on a public web site, or just using it on your local network?

excellent point. sounds correct and reasonable to me. only show artwork when sorted by albumartist, (lefthand art side).

personal website, low traffic. keep in mind that i could export it in chunks, and so multiple links could be the whole list, but also be smaller subsets.

is the main problem with size with plain html? or html with javascript? or both?

perhaps i need a sortable template for smaller subsets, and a plain txt template for the master list?

I will do something separately.

Can you send me on mail more detailed specification, screenshots are also wellcome... :slight_smile: