Need help assigning Artist tags to album


I'm wondering how you guys would assign Artist tags to this album.

John Barry is the Albumartist because he's the composer of all the tracks. Right now I've all Artist tags set to the Albumartist, except when in the case of "Various Artists".

Say, I decide to make e.g. Matt Monroe the Artist of "Born Free". This makes sense but what if there's an orchestral piece with no notable artist? I could then decide to just assign it to the Albumartist, John Barry. However, this is very inconsistent: Matt Monroe is the Artist because he's a performer, John Barry is the Artist because he's the composer. I'm wondering what you would make of this...

If I didn't know the orchestra performing the piece, I would just make the composer/albumartist the artist. It's better than having no artist at all.

I have quite a few albums like this, most of them soundtracks or collections of the composer's soundtrack music. Vangelis, Henry Mancini, Mark Knopfler, Quincy Jones, Ry Cooder, etc. More often than not, even when the composer isn't the performing artist, he arranges and conducts the orchestras playing the pieces when they're recorded for film.

Right, but do you then credit each performer as an artist? For example, if there are a few members of some band's staff playing, do you credit those as artists as well? Or in the case of an orchestra, would you credit the director? It becomes quite hard to distinguish in some cases, when someone is an actual artist or just a performer.


If I know the orchestra, then the orchestra is the artist. If not, then as above, the composer works well enough.

This doesn't address classical music tagging, which is a whole other can of worms. It's how I deal with these releases of composers' movie works.

I guess I don't sweat about it quite so much. It's mostly informational and/or to aid in searching. Just use common sense.

Be aware that concept to the "artist" of a song is somewhat artificial.
It only fits fully at one-man projects like techno producers.
Or maybe for or singer-songwriters or bands where the artist is a collective of people. But there are normally some producers involved. Those stay in the background at the commerical marketing and branding of an artist, but they have a elementary artistic role in the production and recording of the song.
This thing is taken one step further at many pop artist. There the artist is in many cases only the vocalist.

So don't think to much about it. Use common sense.
At your album, I guess some of the songs are known under the volists' name. I checked that for the two
Shirley Bassey songs.

But I guess Shireley Bassey's is only the singer of those songs. She doesn't play one of the instruments nor has she written the music or the lyrics (I guess). So it makes perfect sense to attribute those songs to John Barry. You could also write John Barry feat. Shireley Bassey.