Need help editing (iPhone/Apple Music app)


I am having trouble identifying how to add a couple tags via the Mp3tag application. I attached photos to help explain my issue (photo is 1) from my library 2) what shows up on Apple Music for the same album). Basically I want my album to match up exactly like the Apple Music version. All songs are in M4A format.

The first is that the artist name does not appear red/hyperlinked in my music library (using iPhone music app). The artist name matches up exactly with what’s on iTunes and I am confident all other data is correct.

Second, is it possible to get the stars next to the songs that updates with iTunes? In the meta data I added the catalogid to each specific song. I’m not sure why it doesn’t update with the star to match up with what’s on iTunes/Apple Music.

Any information how to fix these things would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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See this thread on iTunes rating:

If you want to do anything with MP3tag it would be much more interesting to see the data from the MP3tag extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) as that is the place where Mp3tag could do something for you.

Thank you for that link, I will look into it further.

Here is the respective extended tags for the album I am trying to edit. I also included the tags for another album that appears properly on my music app (with the artist name in red/hyperlinked and popular songs with stars)

As far as I can tell your problems have nothing to do with tagging.
Both dumps show a reasonable amount of filled fields.
So now it is probably up to the app to find the link (the link does not seem to be included in the tags), so I bet it is something Apple internal.

The only thing that puzzles me: COMPILATION is set to 0 in both cases. In former times COMPILATION either was set to 1 (meaning: this is part of a compilation) or non-existent... But this observation has most likely nothing to do with the problems that you describe.