Need help in the "Filename - Tag"


I want to delete the word "Feat." in the "Artist" block, and still have the "Feat." in my .mp3 file title.
How to do? Is it possible?

This is what I have actually:

What I want:

Artist: Sam Smith, John Legend
title: Lay Me Down


It is a little tricky (no, it is impossible in one go) to replace the feat. with a comma.
So you have to import the whole string into artist and then execute an action of the type "Replace" for ARTIST.
If you wanted to delete the part behind "feat." you could have used
%artist% feat. %dummy% - %title%
or if you would have liked to get both names in to ARTIST, this would have worked:
%artist% feat. %artist% - %title%

But so ... you have to do a post-import-treatment

  1. You do not want to change the filename.
  2. You want to replace the string ' Feat. ' with the string ', ' in the tag-field ARTIST.
    You can ...

... use an action "Replace" ...
From: Feat.
To: ,
Note: represents here the space character.

... or use an action "Format value" on the tag-field ARTIST ...
with Formatstring: $replace(%ARTIST%,' Feat. ',', ')


Maybe I misunderstood the given situation in my first attempt, so here is another proposal, which uses the interactive converter dialogs.

1. Convert "Filename - Tag" %ARTIST% Feat. %FEAT% - %TITLE% ARTIST: Sam Smith FEAT: John Legend TITLE: Lay me down 2. Convert "Tag-Tag" Field: ARTIST Formatstring: %ARTIST%', '%FEAT% 3. Convert "Tag-Tag" Field: FEAT Formatstring: $char(0)

... or ...

1. Convert "Filename - Filename" old: %1 Feat. %2 - %3 new: %1, %2 - %3###%1 Feat. %2 - %3 2. Convert "Filename - Tag" Formatstring: %ARTIST% - %TITLE%###%DUMMY% 3. Convert "Filename - Filename" old: %1###%2 new: %2

Here is a proposal, which uses Mp3tag actions.
The actions can be assembled into one action group, which can be executed at once.

1. Action "Guess values" Source: %_FILENAME% Formatstring: %ARTIST% Feat. %FEAT% - %TITLE% 2. Action "Format value" Field: ARTIST Formatstring: %ARTIST%', '%FEAT% 3. Action "Format value" Field: FEAT Formatstring: $char(0)


Thanks to you DetlevD and ohrenkino. It's just what I need, really thank you, appreciate your help.

But I have a question about this:

Convert "Filename - Tag"

ARTIST: Sam Smith
FEAT: John Legend
TITLE: Lay me down

Convert "Tag-Tag"
Formatstring: %ARTIST%', '%FEAT%

Convert "Tag-Tag"
Field: FEAT
Formatstring: $char(0)

Is the part. 3 is important, or It's not necessary ? What it do exactly ?

Thanks again.

Wasn't the result obvious in the dialog "Extended Tags..."?

This example of using the converter "Tag-Tag" demonstrates how to remove a tag-field by setting the tag-field to a null string, giving the same result like the action "Remove fields".

If you want to keep the tag-field FEAT, then do not apply step 3.