Need help parsing the filename

I have a filename with information that I want to parse into the title and artist, but the filename also includes junk I wish to discard.
example: junk - artist - title.mp3

I know I can use %artist% - %title% for the last two fields, but what do I use to discard/ignore the first field?

From the help: %dummy% ... this part will be ignored

Many thanks!!

Sorry for the long post, but I want to be as clear as possible about the issue...

I have an issue similar to this, but not quite the same. My brother recently finished uploading dozens of my CD's to my PC, but the filename format he used for every track is:

“Artist - Track Name.mp3”

The rest of the tag fields are empty - no album info, no title, etc. I can use any tag editor to fill in the ARTIST field for multiple tracks at once and I can use the %dummy% solution provided below to hide the “.mp3” portion, but can I adjust the filename in multiple tracks so that it only reads the track name and ignores the artist info? I'm not able to use %dummy% for this b/c when I do, it ignores the entire filename b/c it was originally entered just as it appears.

Also – I tried to use the Amazon updater in Mp3Tag, but it doesn’t update the filename at all and the Title field ends up wrong. Example: when I updated the tag for filename “Metallica - Ride the Lightning.mp3” with the info provided by Amazon, it changed the Title field to the first track listed for that CD (in this case: Fight Fire with Fire) instead of the correct track that I actually selected. Maybe this is b/c it can’t recognize the filename?? I tried this for numerous artists/tracks with the same result every time.

I have well over 1k tracks like this! Is there any way to change multiple filename tags at once so that I don’t have to manually change each one?

I really hope this makes sense and would very much appreciate any help.

Seems you haven't fully understood this converter.
If you have the filename
Artist - Track Name.mp3
The converter works without the extension, you have to adapt your patterns to this
Artist - Track Name
and if you only want the track name you use
%dummy% - %title%

Drag the song to the top of the list or use Alt+Page Up
If you want to rename the song you must use converter Tag - filename

Thanks, Dano. I was performing the conversion tasks in the wrong order. The drag/drop works perfectly for single songs.

thanks again.