Need help reading id3v2 tag (binary/hex read,programming)


i am trying to read id3v2 tag format, but i'm having a few problems with it.
I have a few files i'm testing the format specifications from , but from some reason it doesn't seem to match.(i am very confused about the info in there, but there doesn't seem to have any forum/way to contact them).

Anyway, the specifications says the first 3 bytes should be "ID3"(which they are), then should come a two version bytes (which seems to be true, i haev 3 and 0, version 3.0 probably), and then comes the flag field. i have no idea how much bytes is the flag field, but in the end it seems they are saying it's 1 byte, and then comes 4 bytes size.

i tried a few positions, and no calculation seems to match the tag size that winamp says.
(i am using winamp to compare the size since mp3tag doesn't seem to tell me the tag size)

i'm not calculating the values my self, i am using xvi32, so the calculations are exact and true.

so what's the problem? what am i doing wrong?


As for all the other stuff, no clue.