Need Help Recovering Disc Number Tag

I was performing an extensive re-tagging of my collection, when afterwards I realized I had accidentally deleted the 'DISCNUMBER' tag. Unfortunately, my collection does not use disc subfolders for multidisc music, or the solution would be easy. So without any direct association between disc number and album, I was hoping to write a script that could somehow look at every album in my collection and count the number of occurrences of track number 1 in each album, and if the total was greater than or equal to 2, display the entire album. I have a good working knowledge of basic filtering, actions and sorting, but I think I may be a bit out of my league on this one. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


As mp3tag does not know anything about albums and does not compare files I doubt that you can count occurrances.
I would suggest an export of the filename, album, title and track to a csv-file and then do the comparison in Excel. Then save the alleged discnumber in a separate column in Excel, export the data back to a csv-file and ten import the new field with mp3tag.

For the listview a quick filter could be ...
"$num(%TRACK%,1)" IS 1