Need help - remove text with Parentheses from filename

Need help - I am new to mp3tag. Using 2.57 version.

I have many files that have characters with the pattern as '(*)'. By * I meant non space characters. I want to remove the text pattern from from the filename.

Tried two ways but both remained unsuccessful:-

  1. Convert filename to filename -
    Old pattern: %1
    New pattern: $left(%1,$strchr(%1%,'('))

  2. New action -
    Field: _FILENAME
    Regular expression: ^(.+)\s('('.+')')$
    Replace matches with: %1

Note: cannot convert tag %title% to filename because title also contains the same pattern.

Could anyone please help in getting the pattern removed from the filename?

Please supply a real filename and not just a "pattern".
If I had a filename like
My ex(ploded) girlfriend.mp3
I could get rid of the brackets with the converter filename - Filename and the mask:
Source: %1(%2)%3
Target: %1%2%3

Thank you very much. Your reply helped and works!!. I tried it earlier but didn't work. After your reply I tried again only on one file with the matching pattern and it worked.

I think, I figured out the mistake I was making. I selected a bunch of files and was trying to apply the converter. It works only when files have matching pattern. It is my bad, that I was expecting that it will find that matching pattern in all the selected files and then converted whichever it finds.

Thanks again.