Need help removing other tag info from TITLE

I realized that somehow about 1/3 of my music titles have had the other tag data added to them; for example the TITLE of the song I Know ( You Don't Love Me No More)
has become
Barbara George - The Golden Age Of American Rock 'n' Roll - 48 - I Know ( You Don't Love Me No More) ARTIST - ALBUM - TRACK# - TITLE

The songs this has happened to are scattered throughout dozens of albums and the only constant is 3 " - " sets and ## - before the real TITLE.

I've made several attempts to write this out, but I can't get it to leave everything after that last -.
Any suggestions?

You can try an action of the type "Guess values (import tag field) for %title%
Enter as guessing pattern: %dummy% - %dummy% - %dummy% - %title%

I hope that we are talking about the field TITLE and not about the _FILENAME.

Yes I was talking about the TITLE field and Yes your suggestion worked great :smiley:
I didn't even think about the Guess Values function.
Thanks again for your quick response and the solution.