need help: tag copy can not read some tag field from mp3 tagged by J River Media Center

hi everyone,

i've been using mp3 tag for years.
i huge collection of mp3 files which i have them all tagged with J River Media Center, since it has most tag field than any tagger software you can mentioned, which all tag fields created can be read well by Windows Media Player or any other mp3/audio/multimedia player.

i know Mp3Tag has a feature "extended tag", but when i created some new fields, some new created field can not be read by Windows Media Center or any other mp3/audio/multimedia player.

i have just recently downloaded a complete collection of Elvis Presley (Elvis Complete 2010 FLAC) in which are FLAC format. The new collections have been re-mastered so they are much better in quality than my old mp3 collection which i have tagged by J River Media Center.

what i have in mind is to copy every tag field of each old mp3 file to the corresponding FLAC song, using the "tag copy" feature in Mp3Tag, since J River doesn't have full tag copy feature, it has only single field copy feature.

but when i do it, it seems that Mp3Tag doesn't read some tag field in the mp3 file which was created by J River Media Center as i paste the tag to the FLAC file nor even to another mp3 file.

some tag field that i have filled with J River MC that weren't successfully copied by Mp3Tag using "tag copy" feature, are:

  1. Lyrics
  2. Lyricist
  3. Producer
  4. Grouping
  5. Country
  6. Mood
  7. Situation

and some other fields that J River has also can not be copied by Mp3Tag using "tag copy" feature nor using "export/import" even i edit the exporting rule.

and when i try to create new fields with Mp3Tag, not all fields can be read by Windows Media Center.

please help...
or perhaps it can be suggestion for the new feature of Mp3Tag version 2.5....???



Id like to import some Tag-Files too. But i cannot import tables in any way.
I just want to export the Tag-Files from one dirctory into the Tag-Files from another dirctory.
But here i face difficulties :unsure:

Please help me survive with mp3-Tags!!

I do not understand what you are talking about ... I cannot see any relation to Mp3tag.

Please try to explain your problem in other words.

Better you open a new thread!


The clipboard for tags is MP3tag-internal. It does not read any tags from other applications nor does it supply the data for other applications.
If you want to import or export data in MP3tag then use the functions as supplied by the file-menu and its functions.