Need help to modify export script

I use a translator because I don't know English.
I need your help.
For the format: mp3 or flac (not MPEG 1 Layer III)
for titles only one artist

  1. (04:51) I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)
    to become:
  2. I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) (04:51)
    and for multi-artist:
  3. (04:51) I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)
  4. (03:48) Take On Me (Remastered)
    to become:
  5. Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) (04:51)
  6. A-ha - Take On Me (Remastered) (03:48)
    would it be possible to modify this script:
Album.........: %album%$repeat( ,$sub($get(offDistance),$len(%album%)))
Genre.........: %genre%$repeat( ,$sub($get(offDistance),$len(%genre%)))
Year..........: %year%$repeat( ,$sub($get(offDistance),$len(%year%)))
File Format...: %_codec%$repeat( ,$sub($get(offDistance),$len(%_codec%)))
Tracks........: %_total_files%$repeat( ,$sub($get(offDistance),$len(%_total_files%)))
Palytime........: %_total_time%$repeat( ,$sub($get(offDistance),$len(%_total_time%)))
Quality.......: $loop(%_path%$num(%track%,2),1)$if2($neql(%_counter%,4),$put(bit,%_bitrate%))$loopend() kbps %_vbr%$repeat( ,$sub($get(offDistance),$len($get(bit) kbps %_vbr%)))
Channels......: %_samplerate% khz / %_mode%

Disc #.........: $replace(%discnumber%,/, of )$repeat( ,$sub($sub(74,34),$len($replace(%discnumber%,/, of ))))
$loop(%_path%$num(%track%,2))$repeat( ,7)$num(%track%,2).($replace(%_length%,_,:)) %title%$repeat( ,$sub($sub(74,7),$len($num(%track%,2). ($replace(%_length%,_,:)) %title%)))
$loopend()$repeat( ,5)$repeat(_,40)$repeat( ,$sub(74,45))
Playtime.......: %_total_time%$repeat( ,$sub($sub(74,34),$len(%_total_time%)))
Total Size.....: %_total_size%$repeat( ,$sub($sub(74,34),$len(%_total_size%)))
$repeat( ,15)$repeat(¯,30)$repeat( ,$sub(74,45))
$loopend()$repeat( ,$get(inBorder))

I don't know anything about encoding.
I took several scripts from the forum and did this as I knew how.
Thank you for your help.

How do you know that someone is a single artist or a multi-artist?
(please check the code example again: I think some parts of the code have been interpreted by the forum formatter and become text in italics - this probably should not happen. Use the grave accent to enclose these texts)

Thank you for answering.
indeed, I looked at several scripts, I modified a script as I knew, I do not know myself at all in encoding.
I expressed myself poorly, I meant an album with a single artist and an album with various artists (VA)
a single artist
Artist: Annie Lennox
multi artist (compil's:)
Artist: VA

or if you want to start from the beginning?
I will be very grateful to you.

You could replace the instruction where you output the information of artist, title and length with
$if($eql(%artist%,VA),"%title% (%_length%)","%artist% - %title% (%_length%)")

Thank you. I will get back to you if I have another problem