Need help trimming characters

Until a couple weeks ago, I had the regex's to trim x number of characters at y position from the left and right side of the string. Then, my HD went toes up and I had to restore from a month-old backup, and lost them. Can somebody help? I cannot figure out how they went. I'll give you an example of what I want it to do.

String: abcdefghijklmonpqrstuvwxyz
trim 11 characters from the left at position 10


String: abcdefghijvwxyz

trim 5 characters from the right at position 2


String: abcdefghijklmonpqrsyz

Any help?

Regexp: ^(.{10}).{11}(.+)
Replace: $1$2

Regexp: (.+).{5}(.{2})$
Replace: $1$2

Notice how the two regexp work in both attachments. Pay close attention to the anchors ^ and $.

Thank you very much, that works great. And yes, I need to pull my head out when it comes to anchors.

Now, I have saved the config to another drive with it's own backup, and to my data backup flash drive, so i don't have to ask again :laughing:

now, to continue :book: so i can learn more.

Glad it works for you.

The world is now your oyster

See anchors listed on the side menu.