Need help with a html export file


I'm a bit of a newbie here but have been using mp3tag for about 2 years or so, i have just got around to the idea of completely re-tagging my entire library of music so it's pretty much uniform (it currently stands at around 2TB), i've just started to use html_dano_albumlist_js_ex which is fantastic for me, I was just wondering if it was at all possible to alter the program slightly so that it shows the 'Comment' section as well, it's only for my own purpose because i'm pretty anal about what i want in this particular section.

Any help is really appreciated as i do not pretend to even begin to understand how to write one of these programs.



Why double posting of identical message?
This is the same question there ...

I assume that you do not need a HTML export script for re-tagging your entire library of music.
I assume there will be no HTML script out there, which can handle all files from a 2TB database at once.
If you need to read some text output to organize your re-tagging process, then a simple text export can help you more efficient than a lame rendered HTML script.
Because you have announced, that you do not pretend to understand how to write one of these scripts, it seems futile to tell you what to change in the example script.


The reason for the double post is because i realised that the first post is in the incorrect section, secondly there is no need to be so damn rude to somebody who is not sure about something, i have noticed before from some of your other posts that you are very rude and blunt to people who you seem to think are not of the same level as you are using mp3 tag.

At no point did i EVER say that i wanted to tag my entire collection in 1 hit, i only asked if it was possible to add a 'comment' section to the original script.

Thank you for your lack of help and also for putting me off this great site.

'kev2236', I beg your pardon, when my post sounded rude, but I'm not a native english speaker, so I may have misunderstood something. Perhaps provoked by your post, which raised different themes and mixed them together as one statement, so the essential was not so clear to see as you thought it should be, when you are writing your request.

Now I understand, that you need help from someone, who modifies an existing Mp3tag export script for you in order to display the content from the tag-field COMMENT too in an HTML output environment. Maybe someone steps in and can help you off your calamities.


I want to mention, that this Mp3tag Export script "html_dano_albumlist_js_ex.mte" already creates a HTML output script, which displays the content of the tag-field COMMENT in a tooltip rectangle, when hovering the mouse over the title name of a track within the expanded track list.