Need help with a not working code

I would like to request evaluation of my code that I wrote for a column

$if(%ALBUM%, $if($strchr(%ALBUM%,|)'+ OK +','- DISCS'),'')

And here is what it is suppose to do: search for the sign >>|<< in ALBUM tag field and display >>+ OK +<< if it is there or display >>- DISCS<< if it is not there; and if the whole ALBUM tag field is simply empty, then display nothing

Right now I get the INVALID $IF SYNTAX error

The help on the $IF statement says:

$if(x,y,z) if x is true, y is returned, otherwise z.

I cannot see that syntax represented in your expression.

This works ...

$if(%ALBUM%,$ifgreater($strstr(%ALBUM%,'|'),0,'+ OK +','- DISCS'),)


You got examples for a working $IF syntax in one of your earlier posts from 2017, e.g.

why didn't you use that template?

Yes, it does

Thank you very much

I did look at what I already have and use- and thus found some other codes with which I tempered a bit. And then I tried finding what I lacked at

And only then did I went to the forum, presenting with what I came up to believe was the closest that I could get on my own

Do not think I do not appreciate the time that is required to help the likes of me on this forum or that I do not try to learn something useful also outside the Mp3tag when spending so much time with it