Need help with artist tags...

I've been doing some serious tweaking of my tags to make everything just so and have been able to get everything near perfect. There is only one small issue I can't quite figure out. The number of artists is different across 3 different programs and I'm not quite sure why.

In my Kodi library I have 151 artists
In MediaMonkey I have 149 artists
In Groove music I have 132 artists

All other info seems to match. Are these programs getting the info from different tags or something? Not even sure exactly where to start with this.

Updating the program internal libraries could be 1 idea.
Also check if you have compilations and whether you have filled the fields for ALBUMARTIST and ARTIST.

Thank you for the response. I assume you mean to do a manual update of the libraries in each app to make sure it's up to date? If so, that's not an issue. I've even rebuilt them to make sure old data wasn't "gumming things up".

I decided to open my entire library folder in Mp3tag so I can see all files at once. This actually let me see a few things that I had missed, thought they don't seem to have solved my issue.

All files have both an "Artist" and "Album Artist" tag, but I noticed you put them in caps. Under extended tags, I noticed that some of my files have some tags that are labeled all in caps. If that's what I need to edit, would you mind explaining exactly what they are or linking me to somewhere I could read up on it?

See the help on field names:

Actually, the field is called ALBUMARTIST without blank. "Album Artist" is a user-definded field.

OK. So I stripped all tags related to artist except ARTIST and then re-tagged everything manually. Still getting the same numbers as listed before so I'm pretty sure the programs are somehow looking at different tags or something similar.

Track numbers and album count is consistent across all programs, just artists. :frowning:

I am not sure what you are doing. Why strip data and put it back manually?
Anyway: Right now it is down to the data in your collection an you to review it.
I would still check: how many ALBUMARTISTs do you have?
Could it be that there are Compilations with COMPILATION=1?
Do you have dummy artists like "Various Artists"?
How many tracks do you have where ALBUMARTIST and ARTIST are not the same
(you can filter for those with
"$if($eql(%artist%,%composer%),1,0)" IS 0

I stripped all tags associated with artist other than ARTIST itself just to make sure there weren't any extra tags causing problems. All of my tracks now have only an ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST tag. Before, I noticed that some of my tracks had multiple values for ARTIST but that shouldn't be so any more.

The only time I have ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST not matching is in my soundtracks, where the ALBUMARTIST is "Various" and ARTIST is set by track. I have stripped COMPOSER tags from all my files. Should I add them back, making them match the ALBUMARTIST tag? Not sure if I'm doing it correctly, but putting in the filter you provided me with returns all of my tracks, which I assume is because none of my tracks have a COMPOSER tag.

As for COMPILATION, I'm sure I have a few since the values don't match across all tracks. Should I just set the value for COMPILATION to 0 for all tracks?

Thanks for the patience with me and for helping me out. I realize it can be frustrating.

I am so sorry. My cut&paste error. It read of course:
"$if($eql(%artist%,%albumartist%),1,0)" IS 0

I know that iTunes interprets ALBUMARTIST and ARTIST separately. and sort of adds them together. Or: you find artists and albumartists in the artist column.
So my speculation was: could it be that some programs add "Various" and "Soundtrack" to the list of artists while others don't.
Or do you have a slight mis-spelling in some of the names ... like an additional space at the end or something.
Do some programs ignore a "the" and others don't (like "The Beatles" vs. "Beatles")
In any case: it is down to your creativity to think of such cases and see if a filter proves you right.

Yeah. I'm convinced it has to be the way the different programs interpret the tags. I know that Kodi shows artists that only appear in soundtracks/compilation albums and Groove doesn't. Still not getting a perfect match. I might just clear all my libraries and add a handful of albums at a time to see exactly what albums cause issue and start from there.
It's not the world's most important thing, but I just have OCD and get enjoyment from sorting and organizing my files. :slight_smile:

The problem seems to lie with the files where ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST do not match. Kodi and MediaMonkey seem to count both as separate artists, while Groove music doesn't. I'm thinking I will need to find a workaround for Groove, or just stop using it altogether.
I tried adding a second ARTIST tag and a second ALBUMARTIST tag, hoping it would add artists to my Groove collection, but neither worked. I suppose I'm off to their forums, unless anyone else has some advice.

Thanks again for working with me.

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