Need help with Directory naming action


Hi. I just installed mp3tag about 2 hours ago.

I am enjoying the many abilities already, especially renaming multiple files/directories on the fly, as opposed to 1 by 1.

This brings me to my question.

I created a new Action to rename files and create directories following my preferred structure.

D:\%artist% - %year% - %album% - %_bitrate%\%track% %title%

This works great, for files that are CBR, however VBR files create numerous directories (1 per file with its own bitrate)

2 questions:

is it possible to (and if so how can i?) get all VBR to still be in 1 folder?

is it possible to have the bitrate surrounded by [ ] as opposed to seperated by a dash.

ie. this ~> va - hed kandi - 2005 - spring sampler 1.05 [vbr] OR [cbr] depending on files.

I hope this is clear since i am up late


Average bitrate in folder name

You can check if a file is CBR or VBR using this:

$if($eql(%_vbr%,VBR),File is VBR,File is CBR)

So, in your case...

D:\\%artist% - %year% - %album% - $if($eql(%_vbr%,VBR),VBR,%_bitrate%)\\%track% %title%

If I am not mistaken, in order to use [ and ], you have to surround them by single quotes, so '[' and ']'.


Thank you for the config. It works great!

I now as a result have 2 new issues. I swear Ill catch on to this eventually.

  1. when faced with files that are NOT VBR AND are NOT the same bitrate throughout the album, I get multiple folders for each bitrate. Anything I can do to prevent this aside form changing my naming convention?

  2. I have run across tracks where the year is different for each track, thus adding to more folder/directories being created. This issue is a bit easier for me to think of a fix on, as I want to copy existing YEAR data and xfer it to the COMMENT field, and then replace the year column with a single year. Any ideas on how to manage this simply?

Thanks for the hand holding on this, thus far. lol i cant help but think about when i dabble in making track listings in html. :flushed:


Sorry, but I guess this is not possible.

You can create a new "Format values" action. As target field use "COMMENT" and as format string use "%year%". After you ran the action over your files, simply change the year value and save the tags.


thank you for your insight and time. I think I may end up leaving out the bitrates for those rather than changing the naming convention totally.

That sounds like a good plan of action. Thank you again.