Need Help with duplicated data

Hi ! I need to change this:

(TITLE field) Girl Gone Wide (Live) (Live)

to this:

(TITLE field) Girl Gone Wide (Live)

I don't know what command to use. REPLACE delete both (Live), but I only want the delete one of them.

Thank's in advance !!!

B Garcia

There sure are more solutions to that but I only mention 2 of them with a simple replace-action:

Field: TITLE
ORIGINAL: (Live) (There is a trailing space after (Live))
Replacement: (Empty)

Field: TITLE
ORIGINAL: (Live) (Live)
Replacement: (Live)

But one question:
Why do you add the Artist (Madonna) in the title-tag?

Do not work

Madonna added by mistake

If the pattern you have supplied in the shape of
(Live) (Live)
is correct, then poster's suggestion should work.
Just to get this clear:
Create an action of the type "Replace", not "Replace with regular expresseion".
Also, the Replace action is case-sensitive, if you tick the corresponding options.