Need help with embedding album art issues

It's just as it sounds. I'm in the process of embedding several album covers into individual tracks of a sort of "self-made" album (I didn't make the music, but encoded all the album info myself). I figured out how to add the tags just fine, but now when I play the music in Windows Media Player and on my Smartphone, only once piece of album art is displayed as the overall album cover when I want them all to display individually when played. Another related issue I'm having is that when I embed a cover into one song it does the same thing as above in the entire folder even when the folder isn't even an album, just a folder of singles and random music not belonging to albums. What should I do? Please help!

Depending on the WMP version uses WMP the file folder.jpg to display a cover.
If you arrange all the files in one folder then you have the Highlander problem: there can only be one!
So: use the converter Tag-Filename and create a file/folder structure with an individual folder per track with the following mask (example):
%album%\%title%$num(%track%,3) _ %title%

this creates an individual folder for each title in a folder named like the album.

To get the individual covers: I assume that you have already embedded the correct pictures in the files. Now use a (quick) action of the type "Export album cover" and enter as filename
THis will provide an individual picture files in each folder.

BTW: WMP for WIndows 7 does not need folder.jpg any more. For this player you could set ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST to the same values. THis will force WMP to treat each track individually (as e.g. there are loads of albums called "Greatest Hits" by various artists.)

I do not know anything about your Smartphone and its player.

I love you so much right now.

Ok, so I did all those instructions in the beginning and got it to work, but I don't see how it fixes my problem exactly because now all the files are in separate folders and no longer make-up an album. How do I finally get around to completing my task?

What is your complaint? That WMP treats files in one folder as part of one album?
How do you define an album? THat they have the same data in ALBUM or that the files reside in one folder?
If your priority is to see individual covers for each file then you have to see what features your player offers and adapt your files accordingly. If your ideas of an album do not match those of your player then you have to look for a program that behave in the desired way or adapt your requirements.
But this is not MP3tag's problem.

I totally figured out how to do it completely by accident. It was totally my fault with what was going on. Thank you so so much for helping me in my time of need. I really appreciate it <3

I am not fishing for compliments ... but it would have been nice to see your solution as this would have enabled me to improve my descriptions so that they become clearer - and others to read about a successful way.

What happened was that when I originally "made" this album I put some album art in the folder because I didn't know how to embed it thinking it would be nice for anyone I shared it with to see the album art without having to transfer another folder entirely thus making the folder think that was the only picture it needed to display during playback. I deleted the whole album by accident, but remembered that I had a backup on my phone so I transferred all the files back into a new folder with the same album name and BOOM! Problem solved. I'm sure if I went into the properties of the folder and restored the image display defaults and waited for the changes to take effect I would have come up with the same result.

I am also in the process of imbedding album art into my songs. For a long time I simply captured records and not always kept correct album information in the tags. Sometimes I used the album tag as sort of a higher level genre. For instance my Beatles album info is not there at all because many of the songs were on several albums.

When I started adding album art I noticed to my horror that the program was sometimes replacing my title information, incorrectly too boot. I think it’s a bad bug but now I’m real careful now. I don’t really care about always matching cover art to albums. I just want a picture of the artist.

Which program? Mp3tag? You must be joking.

To embed a picture in a file get hold of a suitable picture file.
Then load mp3 files into mp3tag.
Sort them by artist.
Select all the files of one artist.
Press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.
On the right of that dialogue press the "New" button.
Navigate to the suitable picture file and select it.
Leave the dialogues by OK.
The picture file gets embedded.

The standard web sources look for the decent album covers, though, so there is no real support for your approach.