Need help with export configuration in XML


I have just started to use this software to see if I can use it with my mp3's, and think it's great...
...but I need some help.

I want to export my mp3 tags in the form of a XML where the xml has a number of album nodes, and every album node has separate attributes like: album name etc.
And every album node contains a number of sub nodes, which represent the songs of the album.
The song node value corresponds to an mp3 file and has also different attributes like: name of the song, duration of the song etc...

But I can't make a working configuration with attributes rather than separate nodes....can anybody help me. I have been trying to edit the existing XML-templates by squonk, but can't really figure out how to get the attributes tight because I'm quite new to XML and all that!

Thank you


Just want to tell you all that I finally managed to solve the problem and got want I want.... :slight_smile:

Nice piece of software...