Need help with export

I'm trying to export in the following format


All is fine when a disc has only one artist.
The problem arises with the Various Artists albums.
I have all my albums with the following directory naming schema:
- -
and for VA I have:
VA - -

Now the question is, if it's possible to get my VA albums (which can be distinguished form the ordinary albums by the directory name which starts with "VA - ") to the same format as mentioned above. And if they were sorted ascending by year then it would add additional bonus to the script :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

See this topic, SquallLeonhart38 have some scripts for VA albums.

I only saw JavaScript solutions? But I don't want to do a html page. I was looking for some script to handle the VA case when exporting. I know you can do magic with Javascript, VBScript ... just this ain't my case.

So I am asking anyone who knows MP3TAGs scripting capabilities a bit more in detail. Can it be done in this level?

If not, then I'd really like to see a scripting language enhancements in the future verisons that could allow executing a block of script when a condition is met. At the moment I cannot execute the following if statement:

bla bla
 bla %something%
<a loop>
, some other script when the condidion is not met )

The simplest solution is when you have a tag for VA albums:
$loop($if(%album artist%,%album artist%,%artist%))

But you can of course insert a check if the direcotry name starts with "VA - "
$loop($if($eql($left(%_directory%,5),VA - ),VA,%artist%))

I don't know if FLAC supports Album Artist tag. Even if it does I think that my current albums don't have it set.

But I'll try the second script, that looks promising.

What I was trying to say is that you can do it when you have a tag for VA albums like in SquallLeonhart38 exports.

Heh, milka, you're a genius.

I figured out the check against VA albums ( $if($eql($left(%_directory%,5),VA - ),VA,%artist%) ) myself too.

But using it inside the loop like $loop($if($eql($left(%_directory%,5),VA - ),VA,%artist%)) is brilliant. It works and does just what I need.

I get my albums exported the way I wanted.

A artist
B artist
W artist

Yet another plus for MP3Tag.