Need help with reg expression

Hey Guys,

I looked through the RegEx thread and tried to figure our how to do this but I can't get it o work for the life of me.

I have about 3000 thousand songs that are named incorrectly in the filename but the but the TITLE in the TAG is correct, the only problem is that the tag has a bunch of useless information all different for all songs in the TITLE and I want to correct it.

TITLE= "Sexy B***h [Album Version]/(Feat. Akon)/Album Version"

Now I can't just rename the filename based on the tag because of the "/", doing so would make the filename "Sexy B***h [Album Version]" and I want the "(Feat. AKon)" in this case. So in this case I have gone and replaced all the "/" with "-----" so now I have "Sexy B***h [Album Version]-----(Feat. Akon)-----Album Version". Now 3000 songs have "----- blah blah blah" at the end. and I want to remove that. I don't mind the manual work for the songs that have "Feat." in them but all my songs have the junk at the end.

What what I use to remove the "-----" and everything after it?

Thanks a million

I am not quite sure where the "----- blah blah blah" starts for you - there are 2 occurrences.
Anyway: what you do is either use the tag - Filename converter or an action to format the tag field "%_filenme%.

This uses all the characters in %title%, starting at the left-most character in %title% until it reaches the pattern "----" for the first time.

BTW: using the tag-filename converter may be a little more convenient as you can easily add other fields as well e.g. %track%.