Need help with regular expression

I had a problem with disk crashes and general computer mayhem a while back. A bunch of my tags got screwed up, and now I want to fix them. The artist and year fields have been particularly affected. They read Bob Marley/Bob Marley/Bob Marley (anywhere from 2-4 repeats) or 1992\\1992. Sometimes there is a blank character box, too.

Is there an expression that will delete the slashes and repeated values?

Thanks in advance,

Mr. Dog

Well, I don't have MP3Tag in front of me, but you can try:

Again, this is off the top of my head, I'm at work so cannot check this. You would do the same for the backslashes, replace the first two / with \ but NOT the last one at \1.

Explanation (highlight): Capture greedily everything up to a slash into $1. Then capture the string of / followed by what you already captured into $1. Do it as many times as you can.