Need help with replace Action


I have the complete works by Bach *The Bach Edition" and wish to add the CD Volume and Disc Number into the Album title i.e.

Current Album Title

Bach Edition: Masses BWV 233 & 234

Current CD Number


I want to make the Album name as follows:-

Bach Edition V-03: Masses BWV 233 & 234

It is easy enough to do on a CD by CD basis...there are 155 of them.

Is there a way of putting the vale of another field into the "Replace With:" expression?


OK...worked out a solution but it is not elegant

  1. Export the Album and the CD Number tag to a csv file
  2. Open csv file in Excel and with a couple of formulas insert the CD Number into the middle of the Album name string
  3. Sort the column on CD NUmber
  4. Save the resultant column as a text file
  5. Back in mp3tag convert text file to tag for Album name ensuring that sort on CD Number has been done first...
  6. Wait a few minutes as all 3000 tracks are done


It would be nice ot be able to refer to other tags within the replace action

You could use "Format value" action with $replace(%album%,Bach Edition,Bach Edition %discnumber%)