Need help

let me begin by saying this program is amazing i use it alongside mediamonkey and it is fulfills all my tagging needs.

my issue is that i cannot find this feature, if there is one

you see, in my early days of tagging i was a novice and i just auto numbered my entire music collection

so each one of my many songs starts at song one and goes up to the last song in my collection

i want to restore the orginal per album track numbering

is there a feature in mp3tag that will number my tracks based on albums? ie it numbers it 1 2 3 etc until a new album appears then it starts at 1 again

another issue im having and cant find a way to do this is when i go to convert tag - filename i cannot rename alot of songs, because there is another song will the same artist and track title from different albums such as live performances and greatest hits albums

is there a way for mp3tag to rename like windows does? rename the duplicated to ARTIST - SONG NAME, ARTIST - SONG NAME (2) etc etc?

i am aware of just adding the album to the title, but i would muych prefer to have ARTIST - SONG