Need hep with auto number the track titles.

Hi guys

got a lot of EPs and albums but the tag has their correct artist and title but all I want to do is be able to insert the correct track numbers before each track.

I wondered what feature on mp3tag can apply the track numbers to the titles going by the tag.


I am not quite sure what you mean by that. Is the tracknumber already there in some part of another tag field or the filename?

But perhaps a look at tools>Track numbering assistant
already solves your problem.

Yes its quite hard to explain.

This is what i wouldl ike the tracks to look like "01 Artist - Title" "02 Artist - Title" etc etc

However at the moment the tags are correctly done but not the file names themselves.

So i wonder if somehting can auto number the actual filenames?


Why not rename the files from the tag data then?
format string: $num(%track%,2) _ %artist% _ %title%

You can use any character you like for the _ that I used. A character that is not used in ordinary language makes it simpler to retrieve the information from the filename if this should be necessary some time in the future.

You hit the nail on the head there :smiley:

Thanks so much

Now the other thing I wanted to mention is the folder names...

For example: Jack Tennis - Everybody [Midnight Riot]

As you can see it has Midnight Riot in the brackets.

This is the record label.... I have folders and folders like this each including the record label inside the [ ]

So is there a way i can bulk select all folders and remove this whole part of the folder name: [ ]


It looks like the contents of the field ARTIST to me.
So, you could use the function
Convert>Tag-Tag for field _DIRECTORY
Format string: %artist%
(or as format string %ALBUMARTIST% which ever is better)
This renames the whole folder.
This may merge folders if there are already folders that had that name or get the new name.

thank you so much again for the quick response and help.