need ideas on path formatting

I have a directory structure that looks like:

\Disc ##
\track - title

where work_dir can vary depending on the drive that I am working from and where Disc ## only applies to those albums that have more than one disc.

I currenty execute one of two actions to update the path:

  1. Modifies %_directory% to Disc ## if there is more than one disc (checks either %totaldiscs% or >1 on the right side of the / in %discnumber%) or to %album% if there is not.
  2. Updates the entire %_filename% but it requires me to update the work_dir prior to execution.
Here's the question: How can I write an action that will modify the full path that takes into account the fact that the work_dir can vary?
No ideas?


Is there any way to get _workingdir or _workingpath as scripting options?