Need information regarding Genres

I checked www and here but did not find the information.
I only need the setting/table/query where standard genre are saved in Windows (see pic). What I found out is that there must be a standard in OS regarding existong genres from files...

It's not a standard that is enforced by the operating system, but instead a standardized list of ID3v1 genres which is hard-coded into the different applications.

You can, however, completely disable that list at "Options > Genres" and add you own user-defined genres which will the appear on the list.

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— Florian

where hard coded? all these genres must come from a table/setting or am I wrong?

Yes, and the table is standardized, see e.g. and scroll down to the list of genres.

Some more info about genres and how they are / aren't handled by Mp3tag: /t/18135/1