Need some help!

Hey guys I'm not too bad when it comes to using this program (i'm no genius) and I'm currently stuck with trying to figure out this, so is there an expression that removes the "2m03" from the Title, bare in mind others having different forms of this such as 2m04, 3m15b, 5m30, ect. Any help is greatly appreciated!

How I Want It:
Hans Zimmer - Krypton Destroyed / Kal to Earth

08 - 2m03 Krypton Destroyed _ Kal to Earth.mp3

Hans Zimmer

2m03 Krypton Destroyed / Kal to Earth

It is not clear to me what you want.
You write that you want to delete some characters from the title but mention the filename.

Do you want to strip these charcaters from the filename only or from the filename and the title.

from : '2m03 Any Title'
from : '2m03s Any Title'
from : '33h2m03s Any Title'
to : 'Any Title'

Formatstring: $regexp(%TITLE%,'^(\d+h)?(\d+m)?(\d+s?)?\s*',)


You sir are a goddamn genius! Thank you!!!

Actually theres one thing it isn't doing, so the letter following the "1m01" isn't getting deleted? Any ideas?

1m01b Zod Disbands Council

Changes to this:
b Zod Disbands Council

Finally, I know something vital that at least one of the two Mp3tag forum robots does not

That "m" does not stand in for minutes, but simply for "music"; as it divides numbers of reels of film stock from musical cues for a motion picture being scored. Often bootlegs have such numeration instead of normal numbers

This expression takes care of "s" or "b", when following the value for seconds ...


Does the character "b" have a special meaning in relation to the time specification?
Or is that just a write error?
If it is a write error, then one would have to repair this error beforehand.


The B / b stands for second / alternative version of a track

There can be more version [A, b, c etc.]


Where can I find official documentation about this nomenclature?


Another approach ...



Yeah that works great! Amazed how this stuff works! Yeah "b" "c" just notates alternate versions of a track! Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

I do not know

But if you want I can hook you up via PM with some extended CD booklets that will shine a light on this topic

And if someone is looking for data concerning this system, then here is a huge collection of it: