Need to copy from one field to another

I often find the wrong data in a field and I would like to move it to another. For example if I wanted to move everything that was in the "Album" field to "Comments",field it would be nice to be able to enter %album% in the Comment: _________________ text of the tag panel.
Comment: %album%

This would also allow the easy reversing of data entered in the wrong fields. For example, let's say that we are looking at the tags and see the artist name and the title reversed. In 2 steps, this could be corrected. Assuming there are two blank fields not being used, then the first action could be to copy from the title and artist to the 2 blank fields and the second step would be to copy back from the 2 storage fields back to the proper location.

Example: (step 1)
Comment: %artist%
Composer: %title%__

Artist: %composer%
Title: %comment%

(then blank out the Component and Composer fields)

I hope you are able to implement this in a future release.

Thank you very much for this program. It is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can copy the contents of any tag to another field with the Format value action. Using your example, above:

Action: Format value
Format String: %album%

Not sure what the component field is.
There is an action that deletes a named field or deletes all fields except the named ones.
You can join all these actions in an action group so that you have an action group "Swap artist title" or "Swap composer title".

For the action to format a field as progprog pointed out it is not necessary to have the leading and trailing underscores. If the actions run in one go as an action group you only see the result of the swapping.

Also I would consider to park the information in a user-defined field like "SWAPINFO" so that you do not overwrite the COMMENT if there is data in the comment that you rather would have kept.
The delete field action also works with user-defined fields.