Need to determine missing track numbers from albums

What would be the best way to determine missing track numbers when you have 1100 albums.
An approach that looks at the highest track number for each album and then determines if all track numbers less than the max track number exist would be great.

There is no direct comparison of files from within mp3tag. There was a discussion some time ago with a potential way to try this. Maybe it can suit your needs.

If the total number is not saved somewhere, then counting simply the tracks will not be enough for all cases where the last file(s) of an album are missing.

As @ohrenkino wrote:

Example situation:
You have this tracks in your album folder called \SuperAlbum:

01 - First Track
02 - Second Track
04 - Fourth Track

You could then count the tracks per album and say:
The last track is 04 so therefore 4 tracks should exists. But the count only give you 3 tracks. One track must be missing.

Why this doesn't work (for the same folder \SuperAlbum):

01 - First Track
02 - Second Track
03 - Third Track

You would count 3 tracks in this folder, where the last track says 03. There is no way to see/count that the 4th track is missing.
There could be even a 5th and more tracks missing.

I thank you for all the input and I decided the best approach was the eye/brain.
It was not fun but my music is now organized and legit.

In the future I will examine each album before adding it to my library.

Years ago when I started collecting music I did not care about the integrity of my library (MP3 tag data, Album cover art).

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This is no different than probably most here. But now that you have it under control, it is far easier to maintain as your library grows. Even with the latest downloads from some of the most respectable sites, I find there are tags that haven’t been done to my personal standards. :nerd_face:

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