Need to move text between two characters to a different field, while also removing the brackets

For example, lets say I have a title field written:

【Rock】Invented Song name

I want to move the "Rock" text to the genre field, while removing "Rock" and the brackets from the title field.

Normally this could be somewhat easy just by trimming the characters and so on, but the challenge is that when I have multiple songs with different genres, the lengths no longer match up. There's also the problem I have no idea what that character is, it's not a normal bracket ( [ ] ). I don't know how to tell mp3tag to do an action based on characters within certain delimiters.

I couldn't find anything that would help in the faq page, and search so far is giving me nothing but I am probably not searching the right things...

Try an action of the type "Guess value" for %title%
Enter as guessing pattern: 【%genre%】%title%

Perfect, this works for renaming the field. I still don't know how to get the genre moved to the genre field first though. I'm not sure how to make Guess Value do this.

Edit: okay I think I found a long way to do it.

step 1: copy title to the genre field
step 2: use the guess value on both the genre and title fields but with separate values, same pattern.

Not sure if there's a more convenient way, but this should work.

The Guess value action does just that what you want (if you apply it in the correct way):
It moves the part between the brackets to GENRE and leaves the other bits in TITLE.
No renaming done here, no extra copying necessary.
Or what are we talking about?

edit: nevermind I got it
edit again:
is there a way to have guess value move the same value to two different fields? I tried putting & between them but that doesn't work.
edit: nevermind got it all working now, no more help needed

A move to 2 different fields would be a move first and then a copy (as otherwise, after the first moving, there wouldn't be anything left for the second move).
So if you employ a guess value action first and then a "format value" to copy the data, you are fine.

Hmm, yes, there is a way, for example ...
... having ...
TITLE='【Rock】Invented Song name'

Action: Guess values
Source: %TITLE% ### %TITLE%
Formatstring: 【%GENRE%】%TITLE% ### 【%DUMMY%】%ARTIST%

Result ...
TITLE='Invented Song name'
ARTIST='Invented Song name'