Need Tool (Bat Script) to find & delete www address

Has anyone created a tool or know of a tool to find and delete www address I hve in my folders.

Someone created this tool that works perfect in finding albumart work and deleting them in a batch.

cd %1
attrib -h -s . /s
del /s albumart*.jpg
del /s desktop.ini

I want something similar to find webadress in my folders i no longer need.


you could shorten the time by one cycle if you leave out the "attrib" command and use

del /s /as /ah albumart*.jpg

If you want to find the files then use the command shell and the command(s)
dir /s www*
dir /s http*

This will show the occurances.

If you want to delete the files straight away use
del /s www*
del /s http*

Didn't work, but i think the problem could be it's shortcuts to the web address that's trying to delete

Doesn't really help.

If I have a link to an address, it has the extension .lnk

So perhaps you check one of the links and see what the actual extension is and then delete these.