Needed Help: Export Programming


Hi Florian and the rest of the members of the Forum.

I Need a little help from the Forum, because I've a small problem
(file: html_dano_albumlist_js_f) with the next programline:

View d4nO export file: Preview


$num("%_counter%", 4) %_directory% %year% ---

The problem is, the Counter, it gives a Link to the directory of the artist/album.
This works only for Local harddrives. I don't want this link on my site.
Yesterday I burn my brains, so long takes the time about thinkin about this problem. (LOL)
Has some one a good idee/anwser?

Thx D4nO for this great html-export pluggin

Best regards:



I'm not really sure what exactly you mean.
Do you just want no link in the Counter column?
So just use

$num("%_counter%", 4) instead of $num("%_counter%", 4)


Yes!!! This is Good. Thank You d4n0. :slight_smile:
See the sample.

Best regards,