Needing some help with "Album Art Downloader" Folder.jpg

Okay I now have the "Album Art Downloader" installed and I have used it for about 5 files just to get used to it.

Now here is the problem I'm having. I want to download about 20 to 25 images for the album art at a time but the names are set to folder.jpg so is there a way to name each one something different so that you wont forget what the album art looks like for each file.

Or should I just down one at a time and then change the album art with the mp3tag program as I go.

The easiest way would be if you had every file that needs a different cover in a separate folder.
The picture file "folder.jpg" would then be stored in that folder.
For MP3tag you create an action of the type "Import cover" and set as name
(I think that you can set a name pattern in the downloader so that the filename may vary and you do not have to have separate folders. But then the filename should match the contents of a tag field like ALBUM or TITLE so that you can set the name with a format string like %album%.jpg)

You did not tell us how you use AlbumArtDownloader. Do you invoke AAD separate or do you invoke it as a tool from MP3Tag?
I use AAD as a tool from MP3Tag not for single files but for whole albums and my albums are stored in album-folders.
Parameter in Tools: '/artist "'$if2(%ALBUMARTIST%,%ARTIST%)'" '/album "%ALBUM%"' /path "'%_folderpath%$if2(%ALBUMARTIST%,%ARTIST%)' - '$replace(%ALBUM%,?,,/,-,*,,:, - )'%preset%.jpg"'

With this parameter my downloaded covers are named:
%albumartist% or %artist% - %album% - %preset%

%preset% is a parameter of AAD which can be defined there. In AAD I have defined presets for Front, Back, CD, Booklet, Inside, Set.
You can define and choose the presets with the small download arrow (save as) next to the diskette symbol.